Dave's Console Radios

One of our customers picked up a couple of his newly restored
console radios and said.... If its OK I'll send you a few more to restore!

A few days later this moving van shows up in the driveway and
unloaded 12 console radios plus I think we still had one here to
do for Dave.
A couple of these were in bad condition. Some pictures here
of the before and the after...
The After was Shipping Day when the truck again returned to
pick up this Batch of Console Radios.

Zenith 12s568 the Before and the After... yes thats the same radio.

Crosley 02CA Console Before and After.

RAC 813K

Arvin Rhythm King


Zenith 9S367 sorry about the dust.

Zenith model 40A

Philco 38-116


Philco 116


RCA 281

Zenith 12s371

Zenith 10H571 Spinet

And Finally the Moving Van load is leaving on its way to take the radios back to Dave.