Radios For Sale
Most of the Radios on this page are 100% restored electronics and
refinished correctly cabinets.
These radios are 100% warrantied for
One Full Year from date of purchase.
Text next to each radio will mention radios that are NOT 100% restored.
Webpage updated Sept 15, 2017

Sorry the Walton has been SOLD


Zenith 9s369 $1595                                                             

Zenith 9s30 has been sold


Top Row  Philco 41-221 $395, Zenith table radio, Pair of Detrolas, Emerson, Radio by Radio, Zenith 6s321, Majestic, Detrola, Mickey Mouse
row 2 Zenith ON HOLD 808 $495, Zenith 5S327 $695, Majestic Treasurechest,  Zenith ON HOLD 6S527 $445
 row3 Zenith 6S532 $495 , Sparton Bluebird, Music Masters Horn, NicNacks, Radio Doll, Zenith , Zenith Radio/Phono
row4 Philco butterfly $795 emerson, Emerson, Emerson, AK10C Breadboard, Emerson, Emerson
row5 Wells Gardner WG24 695, Zenith 805 cathedral $695, Emerson, AK 768 cathedral $795, MinnieMouse, Zenith 835 Tombstone, SW Spade, Ozarka Cathedral
row6 Truetone D724,
Airline movie dial table radio $695,  Motorola dual speaker 5T5 $695 ,
Pilot model TV-37 with brand new picture tube $995


                 Philco 21 Cathedral $795

        Philco 604T $695

                                                  Zenith 12A57  $2195
                                                                                               sorry sold
                                                                            I may have another one next summer


Airline by Stewart Warner WG-24 $495

  Zenith 808  tombstone $495 ON HOLD             

Fairbanks Morse Skycraper model 70
$795  when completed  cabinet done electronics not completed.


Console left side Zenith 9s55  $1995, On top of it a Phlco model 90 has been SOLD.

Chairside radio next to the rocking chair is a Zenith model 9S242 Robot Shutter Dial Zephyr style cabinet $1495

Zenith 12s232 Walton, Zenith 12A57 console, Zenith chairside 9s244 $1595
Yes it is the one under the lamp.

Fairbanks Morse very large tombstone $795, Zenith console 9S262 $1495

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