Zenith Knobs Wood Push Buttons Zenith plastic bakelite

Zenith  Some are $20 and some are $25  some are $10 each a couple perhaps more than that.
See a knob you like send an email to k9uwa@arrl.net please also include a copy of the picture containing
those knobs and your offer for the knobs.

Photo Numbers    100_0203 through 100_0181

1938 Side knobs Shutter Dial plus a few others

1 Motor knob upper middle Chip piece missing.  and the row below top knob Walton and a few others.

Large pointer knobs 1937 lower knobs on radios such as 6s152 10s130 bandswitch pointer

Main tune knob 7s232 and a few others

Main tune knob 1938 Zenith that have motor drive

Main tune knob 1937 such as 10s153 and many others

Zenith tombstones and some others some pointer for some round some pinched

Lower knob 1937 Zenith

1936 Zenith knobs Lower right corner model 835

End of Zenith Wooden knobs
Begin later Zenith knobs push buttons levers steering wheels

New Tone Switches

Stars and Stripes pushbuttons

Zenith triangle tabs Tone and a few Plain for push button side 7s363 and others

New repro Zenith tabs for Stars and Stripes models plus others

This is a repro pair for Zenith consoles like 12S568 and others Late Shutter Dials hole in the glass You have to add the screw to the backside of the outer button. Yes Jean made these.
Large one goes on the inside of the dial glass

5S319 and others push buttons

5s319 and many other models yes the one on the left is volume knob from a 7s363 and has 1/8" hole. Others are various types. Some with the smooth bore
and the cross web. Your knob shaft would have a split smooth slot. Some are made for Knurled shafts.

OK Plastic Zenith Knobs Below the large picture will be pictures of each type cropped and larger from this picture

Some of these are warped worse than the others. Warped is better than no knob