Estate Sale of Antique Radios

These Radios are for sale from Mt Blanchard Ohio
Pick up is encouraged. Some items could possibly be delivered.

Any questions or offers should be sent to me

John Goller, k9uwa

About 90% of the radios you are looking at were restored cabinets and electronics by
a few were restored by another restorer

Make and Model numbers will be stated along with other information as I work through adding the pictures of the radios.
If you price listed then make an offer. Or if you don't like the price shown make an offer.
On with the pictures.

The Fada Bakelite is Not For Sale
AK Round Speaker in this picture is SOLD

A couple Zenith TO's, a Zenith companion portable another portable and a couple Philco portables

Nice Horn Speaker. No I didn't test it. And a few magazines.

Meloday Cruiser SOLD  Zenith 8s463 SOLD                                                                              
Melody Cruiser Ship Radio $300 very nice and   And a Zenith 8s463. $575  All three of these radios are restored electronics and cosmetics

Behind it a Zenith Circle of Sound AM/FM is NOT FORSALE

  The Zenith circle of sound AM/FM  is NOT FORSALE
And under the Zenith table radio a Zenith 6S52 is NOT FORSALE
Off to the left a Zenith 10H571 "Spinet"

Yes the Zenith 10H571 Spinet AM and early FM band plus shortwave radio. $650

A pair of Zenith consoles 9S262 $750 each  and 10S470 $750 both of course totally restored. plus a couple table radios.

Zenith consoltone bakelite $100 Another horn speaker and a Zenith 12s265 $900

Two Zenith bakelites AM/FM and below a Zenith 8S661 console $475
Sorry I am not sure what the console radio is behind the 8S661 perhaps someone will recognize from what little bit of the radio shown in the below picture.

                                           The Zenith with white dial below is SOLD

AK 10A breadboard is sold
This is an Atwater Kent AK-10 A breadboard in very nice condition $700
Sorry I didn't look closely at the power supply behind the AK breadboard but it appears to be the one that Antique Electronics Supply sold as kits to run
battery powered radios. The supply is included with the AK-10A

Philco cathedral model 60 $300 and the console below is a Zenith 6S254 $595

Small table radio ?  to the left rear yes another Zenith 9s262 $800 there are a total of FOUR 9s262 consoles in this collection. Some of them will be kept by the family members.
On top of the 9s262 a couple table radios. To the left are parts shown parts of horn speakers. Yes they do have all the parts. They are not headless.
Below is a Philco console model number ? 
In yes a Zenith 15U269 console $2000.

Better picture of the second 9S262 plus bakelite and wood table radios on top plus bakelite table set on top of
another console radio Make Model ??  RCA 224 perhaps?

far left hand corner table radio does not work. Oval shaped dial.

Slightly better angle on the Console in the corner. RCA

Four horn speakers $75 each if they work.  and the Philco console $395

Better picture of the horn speaker plus Philco 60 chassis and Horn speaker. Cathedral cabinet will be in one of the pictures coming up later.

Nice chairside radio $150

Atwater Kent Kiel Table NOT FORSALE
Gas Pump radio?
on the left small Zenith 5R236 SOLD chairside radio.

General Electric table radio $150 the front view on top of AK Kiel Table

The chassis is restored and the cabinet for it is in the garage. Needs assembly other than that it is done. I am sure it is the phonograph side by side cabinet and most likely the
Phonograph is NOT restored. I am calling it a 1946 AM/FM Zenith. I remember fixing the chassis for Dale a year or two ago. Later you will see the cabinet in the garage pictures with Ginny
standing next to the cabinet. Sorry I didn't open the cabinet and take pictures of it open.

Small Zenith chairside model 5R236  $275 SOLD

Horn Speaker $75 and Zenith 6 tube chassis. The console cabinet for this radio is in the garage. Picture shown later. I am not sure if this
chassis is restored or not?

AK Console is NOT FOR SALE
however to the left and not pictured is an identical AK Console and it is for sale. $225 yes it is electronically restored.

Philco model 37_60 cathedral $225

Zenith 6D312 pancake bakelite Yes chassis is restored it just needs assembly  $200

Two more console radios. Sorry not sure of make or model number.

Zenith 12S568 console. Chassis is inside the cabinet. Escutcheon and other parts are on top of the cabinet. It is restored. Needs assembly. $650

Zenith 5S127 tombstone $495 SOLD
RCA console 811K  $495

Philco cathedral and below a tombstone. Sorry not sure of make and model for the Tombstone radio.

better picture perhaps of Philco cathedral and tombstone below it.

Zenith console 8S563  $495

A better picture of the Zenith 5S119 without the head chopped off. $295 The Zenith 5s119 is SOLD
Plus a pair of the Mic Radios. The one on the right 1430 KC for those not so old KC = Khz today. This one was special to Dale
It came from WFOB  Fostoria Ohio Dale listened to the Cleveland Indians baseball games. These Mic Radios were either sold or given away by radio stations to advertise of course.
Their Station. I am not sure what station the 1340 radio was from. It has lost its badge. These Mic radios are a single frequency radio set for that radio station. Internally yes there is a knob to set
the frequency of the desired station. 
Restored as these are $200 each.

Grunow 1191 console $695
Crosley Cathedral  $295

Yes another Zenith 9s262 perhaps they will be for sale? On top is another Sailboat radio Melody Cruiser. Yes the sails and masts are there
for this radio. $375

Zenith 4B231  converted to AC SOLD
Now for the Real Radio in this picture. This is a Zenith "Table Radio" model 12S445 from 1940. Yes inside that rather large Table Radio cabinet
is a 12 tube 1940 Zenith shutter dial radio. It is a rare radio. $795 SOLD

below the table are sails and masts for a couple of the Melody Cruisers

better picture of the small table radio on top plus the 4B231Zenith SOLD

Melody Cruiser Clocks not radios   Plus Crosley Speaker and

Crosley Speaker and under it a Crosley "Showbox" from 1928  $100

Westinghouse Aeriola Sr early battery radio. $100
Someplace there was another one of these. Sorry I failed to open it up and take a picture of the radio.

Back to the shelves near the ceiling.
On the right a couple more horn speakers and three early battery radios.
And on the left the beginning of a very strong shelf that holds nearly a double set of Rider Service Manuals. On the right hand end are several binders containing early SAMS manuals.
The next couple pictures you will be able to read the Rider manul numbers on each. And yes there are two book 23's in this nearly double set of rider manuals. Offers??? By the book or buy a complete set of manuals??
One Full set of Rider Manuals plus BOTH book 23 are sold. The duplicates are still available.

I already have my own set of 23 books and wouldn't be without them to work on these old radios.

AK radio plus Round speaker behind the radio are SOLD

One full set of Riders manuals plus both book 23 are SOLD
Rider 1 to 8 duplicate manuals are still available

One full set of Riders manuals plus both book 23 are SOLD
Rider 7 to 11

One full set of Riders manuals plus both book 23 are SOLD
Rider 13 to 19

One full set of Riders manuals plus both book 23 are SOLD
Rider 19 to 23  + TV#2

And the SAMS manuals make offer on the SAMS

Melody Crusier uncovered Yes the radio chassis is restored and setting behind the Boat. Yes the sails are here this Melody Cruiser just needs to be assembled $375

And the chassis for the Crusier

Zenith Chairside 6S249 in excellent restored condition  $695

Very nice Chairside Motorola Ford $475

A Photo Blanket given to Dale and Ginnie by Grandson

OK Onto the Garage
on the left an empty console cabinet. Maybe an RCA? or Grunow?  Next a Philco cabinet and I don't remember seeing a chassis for it. Possibly it is in a box in the garage?
And a later Zenith console radio complete. It probably is not restored electronics.

Zenith console 7s558 I think it is not yet restored $75 The Zenith? Mongomery Wards? side by side cabinet next to Ginnie is the home for the restored chassis from I think 1946. I restored the chassis and it is shown in
one of the above pictures. $250   And the empty Zenith console cabinet is a 6S556 and I think the chassis for it is also in the house somplace.
Also notice the box of early headphones.

OK that is the end of the picture show of Dale's radios. Yes Ginnie would like to sell most of the radios. Prices listed above are somewhat negotiable.
Send me an email with your questions and offers.
We are John & Jean Goller, k9uwa & n9pxf
email to me is K9UWA@ARRL.NET

Ginnie states "Have SUV Will Travel" so within maybe 100 miles for the right pieces she just might deliver your radios.

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